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For those who may not know, FTA Academy has one of the best youth football goalkeeping programs in the Klang Valley. Our professional coaches bring years of experience and knowledge from the National team and other professional setups.

With this expertise, we have decided to launch FTA's Online GK Training Program. Our coaches will focus on beginner and advanced ball handling techniques along with aspects of strength & conditioning. We will work on building muscular strength, muscular endurance, coordination & quickness, which is a keystone for most successful GKs. We will also introduce dynamic exercises to improve mobility, coordination & total body control along with injury prevention tips and also develop the tactical knowledge of our goalkeepers.

FTA will be running two GK training sessions a week on top of our regular online training . We want to develop our players in the right way and adding this training program to our online syllabus clearly shows our intent in strengthening our players and providing them with the best content available.

This program is offered complimentary to all players who are signed up to our Online Training Program which is priced at RM180 a month per player. The sessions are held via the Zoom Video platform and designed for players aged 7 years old - 18 years old.

Join our online training this July, as we offer multiple programs, 7 days a week including Skill Training, Strength & Conditioning, Goalkeeper Training, Tactical/Theory sessions, and even Yoga sessions for players and their families.

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