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Some of FTA’s proudest moments have come from seeing the fantastic individual improvements of our players and their confidence to share their skill videos publicly on their social media platforms. We have received so many videos over the past months from our players practicing the materials given from our online training and have realised that these videos are too good to keep hidden away!

In light of this, we have decided to create an online campaign to showcase the talent of our players. We hope this would encourage our players to continuously work hard to improve and have the confidence to display their football abilities with the world.

Each daily featured video will reach the many thousands of subscribed followers that we have on our online platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We want to lead by example, and creating this platform will enable us to push the message of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how football can be played anywhere regardless of where our players are!

For more information kindly contact someone from the FTA team. Let’s continue to keep sending in those videos working on your tekkers/skills and make sure you are decked out in your full FTA kit. Stand a chance to be featured on our online platforms in front of thousands of our followers!

Join our online training this July, as we offer multiple programs, 7 days a week including Skill Training, Strength & Conditioning, Goalkeeper Training, Tactical/Theory sessions, and even Yoga sessions for players and their families.

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