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Former Manchester United winger/playmaker Ryan Giggs tallied an astonishing 963 appearances for his club and the Welsh National team. Giggs often referred to Yoga as his “Fountain of Youth” and a huge reason behind his ability to play into his 40s. Giggs, along with many other top professionals, continue to advocate yoga, saying it improves the longevity of an athlete’s playing career.

Starting in July, FTA are excited to announce that we will be organising weekly online yoga classes. The sessions will be free for all active FTA players and their family members who are engaged with our online training program.

There are so many benefits of yoga and we are glad that we are able to provide opportunities for our FTA family to improve their physical and mental health.

This program is offered free for all players who are signed up to our Online Training Program which is priced at RM180 a month per player. The yoga sessions are held via the Zoom Video platform at least once a week and family members are welcome to join in too!

Join our online training this July, as we offer multiple programs, 7 days a week including Skill Training, Strength & Conditioning, Goalkeeper Training, Tactical/Theory sessions, and even Yoga sessions for players and their families.

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