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Academy fees


Our academy fees is based on a card session system, upon registration of RM150.00 (registration fees) and RM180.00 (12 slot card session) , you will receive a card (like the picture below). Each card  consist of 12 training sessions and each time a player attends a training session, a slot will be chopped with our FTA stamp, when all 12 sessions is complete, the card must be renewed at our reception counter with a payment of RM180.00 .

FTA Card-01.jpg
FTA Card-02.jpg


The Registration fee is a necessary payment for all newly registered players. The RM150 registration fee covers the administration fee and includes 1 complete FTA Training Kit with Shorts.


FTA FC training sessions are held every Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 5pm to 7pm at our 

Apart from training sessions we also do have matches throughout the year that are played over the weekends.

Have a look at our                                  to see when is the next match for all our different age groups.

Academy Schedule
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