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Academy program

Football Talent Asia Football Club (FTA FC) is a program that has been designed to push burgeoning players into the professional scene by giving them opportunities. These opportunities will be a result from high level training, multiple competitions, and also trials with professional clubs.  FTA FC is built for players aged 19 and above. Our football philosophy is based on the ability of our players. Not only are we looking for skill and talent in our players, but most importantly to succeed, our players need the discipline of teamwork, hard work and commitment. We believe that these core values enable us to achieve the best, not only individually, but as a team too.



FTA FC strives on the importance of training. Club trainings are held every Saturday and Sunday morning at FTA @ Twentyfive.7 from 9:30am - 11:00am. Training sessions will mainly consist of tactical and physical work, with few technical aspects as players are expected to have a certain high level of technical ability.


Our curriculum is based on Italian FA, International Coerver Coaching, and AFC Modules. With our experienced, AFC Licensed Coaches alongside the focused training methods, it is our goal for our players to be able to unlock their full potential in matches.


To be a good player, you must regularly compete at a high level of football. That is why FTA FC’s blueprint of success is to provide our players with  multiple competitions so that each player has a platform to showcase their abilities. Players will be competing in different leagues, depending on their age and skill level. The leagues range from youth leagues up to Semi-Pro State league and also involves opportunities to play overseas in International tournaments. Being involved in a  wide range of different leagues also means that our players have a chance to play against better opponents that will test their abilities and give them a platform to shine, this may result in a chance to be scouted by professional Clubs.


If you believe you have what it takes to go further into football then why don’t you sign up for a                      with us.


Click the links to find out more about FTA FC’s                             and  training                     details.

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