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The FTA Goalkeeping program was designed to focus on the specialized training of all our academy goalkeepers. In football, the goalkeeper has one of the most crucial and important positions. Unfortunately goalkeepers are usually neglected the most in training as a lot of coaches don’t know the proper training that goalkeepers require.


In FTA however, we have coaches who are specialized in goalkeeping training and are goalkeepers themselves. They solely focus on the development of our goalkeepers and hold separate trainings from our academy players. The Goalkeeping program is designed to properly train all the different attributes that goalkeepers require. Ball-handling, shot-stopping, positioning, awareness, agility and speed, diving, jumping, kicking and distribution are some of the skills that we work on. 


Before we send our goalkeepers out into matches, our coaches make sure that our goalkeepers are physically and mentally prepared to play and handle different situations that happen during the game.


If you are interested to join our goalkeeping program, sign up for a free trial below.

If you would like to learn more about the scheduling and fees, look for the button below.


 *All Gk trainings run concurrently with academy training

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